About Us

Gonzzy is a Non-profit clothing brand. Our mission is to provide food, school supplies, and toys to children in Argentina. Gonzzy has been founded by Gonzalo Perez and Joe Milton.

Gonzalo Perez is a young entrepreneur who wants to give back. Gonzalo was born in Argentina and raised in the United States. Every time he went back to Argentina, he would wish he could help the children he saw. During a road trip in Argentina, he once saw a six year old girl trying to sell necklaces she made. She needed money for food and Gonzalo's parents gave her all the food they had in the car. The girl got very emotional when we gave her the sandwiches they had in the car. That interaction made Gonzalo want to improve the lives of these children. There are thousands of children in Argentina, like the girl he saw, that need our help. 

Joe Milton is a non-profit expert from St. Louis. He has worked with big non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. He once took a trip to Argentina and it made him want to return to do some good for the people. Joe has helped countless of people during his time at Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. His experience will help Gonzzy improve hundreds if not thousands of children's lives in Argentina. 

We hope you can help us with our mission.